Places I Want To See Before My Eyes Go Blurred

I feel blessed to have learned the benefits of squash to the eyes at an early age. And so I got inspired eating the veggie knowing it is a good source of vitamin A and is good for the eyes giving me a perfect 20/20 vision making me appreciate my trips more. Lol.

And before my flawless vista gets ruined by age, as I’m pretty sure it will come and it’s actually coming faster nowadays, I’ve come up with the list of the destinations I want to visit before my eyes go blurred.

My TOP 3 International Dream Destinations

1. Cherry Blossom – Sakura as the Japanese call it. Taiwan, Korea and Japan has it but I guess I’d prefer seeing it from The Land of the Rising Sun, or from South Korea would be good too.

Sakura, Sakura Festival, Cherry Blossom,

How could you differ Fantasy and Reality with this photo

Photo credit

I’ve always been a fan of it and I get so excited whenever I come across photos of it, minutes of staring won’t bore me dreaming of seeing this in person.

Taking into consideration its closer proximity to Philippines than with the other two, and the comparably cheaper expense, Cherry Blossom made it to the top of my list.

2. The Grand Canyon – Even with my knees getting all the shivers, I’d still love to see experience this. Even if it’s the last thing I see. Who’s knees would not shiver getting an up-close view of the, OK this is not the World’s Deepest Canyon, but it is the Most Spectacular Gorge in the World, still this sure gives the shivers.

Grand Canyon

Sunrise in Grand Canyon

Photo credit

Gorge – a narrow valley between hills or mountains, typically with steep rocky walls and a stream running through it.

3. Niagra Falls – I remember few years back, I had been using its photo as my wallpaper. Enough to inspire me of boring past work.

Niagara Falls is the World’s Tallest Waterslide, a few months ago, there came news that half of it was frozen due to the Polar Vortex that happened in Canada. I wonder what happened next but I still dream of seeing this someday.

This had been my favorite wallpaper few years back

This had been my favorite wallpaper few years back

Photo credit

There you go, my TOP 3 International Dream Destinations. Tell me about yours, leave your comment below.

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