Best Deals!!! 66% Off @ Manila Ocean Park 11 Attractions in 1

Not many people know about this promo. Lucky are you to have found it. Yes! Get a huge discount from Manila Ocean Park itself. You probably have a few more hours or probably minutes left to avail of this promo but don’t you worry, this promo has always been available online. It will expire but as sure as the sun goes up tomorrow, this offer will be available again in the days to come. But why wait when you can avail of it now. That is, like I have said, if it is still available today.


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11 Attractions-in-1 Package

You surely won’t be able to avail all of it, but at least you have lots of options to choose from, and taking into consideration the entrance price for each of the following attractions, this package deal is still a good buy:

  • Oceanarium
  • Trails to Antarctica
  • Snow Village
  • Penguin Exhibit
  • Slide O’Fun
  • Jellies Exhibit
  • Penguin Talk Show
  • Birds of Prey Kingdom
  • Sea Lion Show
  • Marine Life Habitat
  • All Star Bird Show
  • Musical Fountain Show



Make sure you carefully read “The Fine Print” part of the details. I suggest you don’t buy unless you understand it pretty well as they don’t entertain refunds. And oh, also make sure you give an extra allowance on your time during weekends, these are the most crowded days of the week for Manila Ocean Park.

Don’t be skeptic about it, I have personally tried this promo, bought a couple of vouchers and successfully redeemed tickets.

For more details, copy-paste the link below on your browser:

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