Fish your way to lunch at Freshwater Fishing Village, Magalang, Pampanga

A good friend of mine, Joy Fast, along with her husband Kevin wanted to see more of Pampanga immediately after seeing Boracay, so with all my excitement and knowing that this couple loved seafoods, I suggested this fishing village located in Magalang, Pampanga. I’ve already been to this place and taking their requirements into consideration, I knew they would enjoy this resort. And true to my expectations, they really did.

Freshwater Fishing Village may not be the number one destination in Magalang but it’s definitely one of the “must-visits”. Aside from having a very serene environment, the entire place is clean, staff were very helpful and most of all, Freshwater offers very competitive rates.

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Golden Tilapia and African Catfish

During my first visit, wayback 2013, fishing really didn’t take my attention. Honestly, I thought it was boring. Never thought it could be fun until I myself was holding a fishing rod trying to get the best catch competing with the others. There were around 5 ponds with different species in them such as golden tilapia, then common tilapia breed, the african catfish, etc.

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Shine with her catch, a big golden tilapia.

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Kevin and Joy Fast with their catch.


Our cottage was very spacious, good enough for 20 persons. It cost P1,500 but we were able to get it for only P1,000 since it was my second time and the owner still recognized me. Inside the cottage was a grill where we cooked our fish which measured more than 10 kilos. We just cooked 3 kilos of them, just enough to feed ourselves and took the rest home.

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The Resort

The resort itself is very clean, as I have already mentioned, it is well-maintained, they have horses for horse-back riding, they have this “Calesa” or a horse-drawn calash used in the Philippines, also called Caritela. If you would like to stay the night they have this four-room all-bamboo air-conditioned cottage which would only cost you P6,000. It’s cheap for a 4-room accommodation not to mention one of the rooms being air-conditioned and it is just so romantic. Riding the floating cottage was also fun and you gotta try the tree house near the fish pond area, it was cool up there or either stroll around the fishing area or lie in a hammock and feel the gentle breeze.

Here are also some pics of the other accommodations:

Fishing Village Magalang, Magalang Resort, Freshwater Magalang, Freshwater Fishing Village

Fishing Village Magalang, Magalang Resort, Freshwater Magalang, Freshwater Fishing Village

Fishing Village Magalang, Magalang Resort, Freshwater Magalang, Freshwater Fishing Village

How to get there:

Via the NLEX, take Angeles Exit, then follow the route to Magalang. When you reach the market place, turn left after Jollibee then follow the sign straight to the fishing village.

FreshWater Fishing Village & Resort
Bing Feliciano

Brgy. Ayala, Magalang, Pampanga, Philippines 2011

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