My Helmet diving experience with NIS Reef Walker Boracay

In Boracay, you will see lots of locals offering tour packages. Yes, tours do come in packages. One of the packages we availed was the combination of island hopping, banana boat and helmet diving all for an amazingly low price of PHP1,000 per pax. If you wouldn’t buy in package, it would cost you around P500 for each of them but since we were buying in package and we’d be going by four, we managed to get a very good rate.

Thumbs up for the banana boat, it was a worthwhile 20 minutes of exhilarating ride. Thumbs up for the island tour as well where we enjoyed 3 hours of going different islands, snorkeling and a lot more. It was also fun helmet diving with NIS REEF WALKER if not for one thing. Included with the package is our group’s photos and videos taken and written on a CD. After the tour, NIS Reef Walker promised to give the CD to our tour guide as we reach the seaside. Ok, done with the entire tour, our local tour guide then gave us the CD. Thinking there was no problem with the CD we received, we did not have the thought of checking it only to find out that they gave us a BLANK CD.

I contacted them immediately through their Facebook page but nobody gave me a reply, but there were new posts on the page a few days after I sent them a PM. I even contacted our local guide with a promise to pay him PHP300 if he could get me the backup files only to get disappointed one more time, they already deleted our files.

I’m not into creating a black propaganda against NIS, I just want to inform people, in case some people are doing research about helmet diving in Boracay, they should at least get an idea of what could go wrong. I contacted NIS one more time but they don’t seem to be interested in answering complaints like mine.

Date of tour: October 14, 2013

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