11th Day of Christmas: You Really Can’t Go Wrong with Kiss and Taste’s Mozzarella Sticks

The love for Mozzarella cheese originated in Italy. Today, Mozzarella sticks are manufactured around the world and modified so it suits the need of everyone. Not only Italians, but Pinoy today also enjoys eating Mozzarella cheese especially in form of Mozzarella sticks. Kapampangans, specifically, will eat nothing but the freshest made mozzarella sticks in Pampanga.

Among the few cafes in Pampanga that is serving Mozzarella sticks is Kiss and Taste. Kiss and Taste’s mozzarella sticks is best enjoyed when freshly made and hot. You can see them often being carried around and munched both by adult and young alike as they walk around Apalit area.

The perfect pair for Mozarella sticks are Kiss and Taste’s Harry Potter inspired Frappe. Below are our favorite snacks when we are at Kiss and Taste Apalit branch.

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