What is it like up in Baguio City, Philippines? A First-Timers Guide

Baguio City tops the list of the wonderful places to visit in Asia. Pinoys and worldwide travelers alike includes Baguio in their top priority of the places to visit in the Philippines. Baguio became even more popular to travelers abroad after it was being blogged by many US, Canadian, and UK bloggers.

Because of Baguio’s popularity to travelers, tour agencies in the Philippines and abroad both enhanced their tour plans to this beautiful city in the northern Luzon island. But if you are more interested in an adventure travel just like our team, there are so many options to add to your DIY Baguio travel.

Because of the city’s high elevation, the locals enjoy mild to cold climate all year round. Hence, is the name “The Summer Capital of the Philippines”. Because the temperature in the city is significantly lower than on other parts of the country, many tourists tend to visit Baguio especially during the hot summer months. Our team, however, decided to visit Baguio city in December of 2019 to spend the New Year’s Eve there.

Camp John Hay




There are many activities available for both kids and kids at heart in Camp John Hay. Here are some.

horse back2

zip line

Tree Top Adventure in Camp John Hay

Burnham Park

There are also many activities both kids and adult will enjoy in Burnham Park


Burnham Park Skating Rink


Cycling at Burnham Park

The Mansion



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To Baguio from Pampanga took us only 3 hours, thanks to Waze. We arrived at the transient house at 2 in the afternoon. This is the transient house we rented for no more than P5000 for a night stay for 6 pax.

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Baguio Food

When it comes to food, there is this restaurant in Baguio that people are really going crazy about. The restaurant’s name is Good Taste Restaurant. From a far, we can see how patiently people fall in line just to get inside. Below are some of the food we bought from the Good Taste restaurant. The food tastes great and the price is affordable.

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