Taiwan is one of the many beautiful countries in East Asia. Its capital is Taipei. It is a well-known island country that has become popular worldwide for its many beautiful sceneries.

Taiwan’s land area is about 12% of the total land area of the Philippines. As you explore this article, you wouldn’t believe that all the beautiful things listed here came from a 36,193 sqm land-area country of Taiwan. How did that happen?

If you are looking for a holiday in another country, Taiwan is one of the options to consider. From the Philippines, it will take only 2 to 2 and a half hours of air travel. It won’t cause much jet lag for travelers.

Join me as I explore this beautiful country in six years.

  1. Taiwan has built a global reputation for cheap electronics. It is where the branded gadgets, smartphones, laptops, car navigators are being actualized. If you visit Taiwan, you will find large companies and tall factories where these electronic products are being manufactured. This is also the industry where a lot of foreign workers are working.

  1. Night Markets. There are Night Markets that many citizens and even foreign workers have been waiting for. In Taiwan night markets, aside from the different goods being sold here, many different kinds of stall games are also offered and enjoyed by kids and even adults. There are also some street shows that you will surely love! After shopping and playing, you will probably look for something to eat. Foods are everywhere, you will never get starved.

    There are scheduled Night Markets in some particular areas on particular days. If you are a fan of these night markets, you would know when and where to go.

  1. Themed Restaurants in Taiwan. There are many different themed restaurants you will surely enjoy in Taiwan. One of them is the Modern Toilet Restaurant, which is a must-experience when you get to visit Taiwan. Anyone can get a fun and enjoyable stay enjoying the food at the same time. One Toilet Restaurant is located in Ximending, Taipei and the other one is in Taichung.

  1. Strong and Unlimited Internet Connection. Live worry-free about the strength of the internet and get to enjoy the 30-day pre-paid unlimited connection. Among the three leading countries with the fastest internet connection (Taiwan, Singapore, and Jersey), Taiwan now ranked the top position according to the “Global League Ranking”. Here you can enjoy watching movies all day and download all you want. There is literally no limit!

  1. Museums are everywhere. Taiwan has a lot of city museums such as their Film Museum, Gallery museum, Glass museum, and their most popular National Palace Museum located in Taipei. It is where the largest collection of Chinese artifacts and artworks in the world are. There are more than 650,000 collected items that can be found here. This simply shows how Taiwanese nationals treasure the importance of these artifacts and how they show their gratefulness for them.

  1. Milktea all around Taiwan. Many different stores are selling milk tea but they are all of the different tastes. They’re all the bests that I have ever tasted. They use naturally powdered tea leaves for their products. You can even find Tea Tree Farms in some areas. What I loved most is the Bīngqílín hóngchá bùdīng or the Red Tea with Ice Cream and Pudding on it. Taiwan’s flavors are all-natural and very much different from the flavors we have here in the Philippines.

  1. Get to experience the Delicious Street Foods of Taiwan. Have you heard of the Hóngdòu bǐng, Cōng yóubǐng, and my most favorite Ji-pai?

    Ji-pai or the Taiwanese breaded chicken. This looks like an ordinary chicken served in our country but it tastes a lot different because of the many ingredients added to it that make it more delicious. Plus, their chicken breast part is bigger than what we regularly see here in the Philippines. Upon checking, I have seen a store somewhere in Metro Manila, selling Taiwan Ji-pai, but unfortunately, I haven’t got the chance to taste it yet.

  1. Fast transportation. This must be the reason why Taiwan is a successful country. Fast transportation means no traffic, no delays.

  • Successful countries hate delays, delaying time is almost equal to delaying success. So they use the skies and the underground as their means to get faster transportation to eliminate delays. Skyways for vehicles that travel on land and the underground for fast trains. So, no part in Taiwan is left unused.

    You must try to experience the Bullet train that lets you travel from South Taiwan to North Taiwan in less than 2 hours.

  • Loading and Unloading points for passengers policy is strictly followed. Of course, not following such rules will only cause delays. That is why you wouldn’t see any bus or taxi parking, loading, and unloading elsewhere because it is prohibited.

  1. If we have a Beep Card in the Philippines, they have Yoyo Card in Taiwan. But what makes it different is that you can use a Yoyo card not just when paying for trains but also for busses and for your purchased goods in many convenient stores and selected shops as good as Debit and Credit cards.

  1. Plenty of Beautiful Scenic Places to visit. There are just so many beautiful places to visit in Taiwan. Here are just a few of them.

  • Taipei 101 Observatory – It is one of the most visited destinations for Taiwan tourists. It is located in the capital city. It is the world’s tallest building since 2004-2010, now ranking 10th of the tallest buildings in the world. Every year, Taipei 101 presents New Year’s modern and strategic Fireworks Display.

  • Sun Moon Lake – It is the largest body of water in Taiwan and is located in Nantou. It is one of the most visited destinations too for tourists. You will find hotels nearby the lake so you can stay overnight and get to enjoy riding yachts that take tourists from one side to the other. You may also ride cable cars that will take you to the Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village.

  • Taroko Gorge – It is one of the seven wonders of Asia and is in Hualien. There is a local guide that will assist you from the beginning of your trip till the end. You will surely love nature more than you do now as you get to see the beauty of Taroko Gorge.


  1. Laws in Taiwan are strictly followed by the Taiwanese nationals and by the foreign workers and tourists staying in the country. You will not find traffic enforcers on the road but traffic lights are not being taken for granted. There are no security guards in the malls and in convenience stores, but every merchant feels secure. This is because CCTVs are everywhere and it plays a big role in the country.

These 11 Things about Taiwan are just a few of the beautiful reasons why Taiwan becomes a country where you can enjoy living life easily and safely. Get to experience it and enjoy it!


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