5th Day of Christmas: Enjoy Laser Tag Shooting from Laser Max Pampanga


Laser tag shooting games bring about the killer instinct in us. Our primal instinct is to protect ourselves while also attacking the enemies. In our humanistic society, however, it is not acceptable that we go around and shoot people. Good thing there is the Lazer Maxx in Pampanga where we can enjoy shooting games in a harmless way.

There are many advantages tied to laser tag shooting. First, these games are used to improve the player’s skills and strategy. Laser tag shooting can help them vastly to perfect their shooting skills. And to many of us, this kind of game can greatly take the stress out of our system.

These games help improve the player’s concentration level too. It helps them to focus on their strategy of the game. Even non-shooters will definitely enjoy laser tag shooting to their heart’s extent.

Per pax at the Laser Maxx costs P199 each but you can get it discounted from Metrodeal at only P95 for less than 30 minutes.

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