4th Day of Christmas: Paper Moon is the Maker of the Finest Crepes

These days, baking is not anymore that difficult especially that there are now many pans you can find even for the most obscure cuisine style.

The use of crepe pans started in the mid 19th century. That is the time when crepes were introduced in the meals of the upper class. These crepe pans were back then highly appreciated by the French. But if you are like me who is not that skillful when it comes to baking, I suggest that you find them at specialty stores and restaurants.

When it comes to tasty desserts, many people think about Paper Moon Cafe. It is a specialty cake place known for its signature original Mille Crepe. It’s what is known now popularly as crepe cake. Many people have been craving about crepe cake and we’re lucky enough because there is already a Paper Moon branch in SM Clark, Pampanga.

If you and your family enjoyunnamed (21) sweets and desserts and would love to try something new on Christmas day, this is the perfect place.


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