9th Day of Christmas: Parque Cafe Knows What A Perfect Cafe Should Be



I am a cafe lover but not of coffee. This is because coffee makes it difficult for me to sleep. But of course, a cafe would not be a cafe without coffee. I occasionally drink coffee from one of my favorite cafes in Apalit, Parque cafe.

Parque cafe has different types of coffee and brews. All their coffee is quite inviting. Aside from the wide array of coffee mixes and brews, Parque cafe’s musical background is what mainly attracts patrons. They have the best music choices to play while sipping a good cup of coffee.

Apart from the relaxing ambiance, music and coffee, of course, they also offer good snack. Among my favorite food on their menu are their clubhouse, fish and chips, nachos and my summer favorite mango and graham float.


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