Mariveles Five Finger and Laki Beach Get Away

Mariveles Bataan is a place where historic past can be remembered.  It was not only a place now to remember our past but also a place where to find a spot to relax. You can find great scenery of white sand beach, rock formation, snorkeling spot and cliff diving spot. By spending few hour of your time coming from manila you can reach this historic place. You can also visit the Shire of Bataan where you can find historic things left by the 2nd World War. This is a place now to remember the past and a place where you and your travel buddies can make your own memorable tour to remember.


Laki Beach

After spending 2 to 3 hours traveling coming from Manila we reach Mariveles Bataan. Going to Laki beach according to our boatman will take 45 minutes from Mariveles port. We reach Laki beach almost 6pm by spending 45 minutes breath taking boat ride and it was almost dark when we reach the beach front. We are the only group who will stay on this beach for the rest of the night. Setting up our tent is hard, no electricity so we need to set up a bonfire for us to set up our things.



Morning Look at Laki Beach

Cliff Diving Spot

It was a 40 feet cliff diving spot. I tried it and it worth, but a pain in the butt when I reach the water. This is my first attempt jumping this high cliff, i conquer my fear.


Nagbitana Arch

After an hour spending time on the cliff diving spot, we spend the rest of the day on Nagbintana Arch for snorkeling.  The water is cold but we enjoy the rest of the day in this spot before going back to Mariveles port.




How to get there?

  1. By bus (commute) – Take a Genesis from Pasay or Cubao going to Mariveles or Bataan Transit located in Cubao. (P280 per person)
  2. Ride a tricycle to Aplaya or Porto Balon (P75 for 4 person)
  3. Hire a boat (P2,500 for 7-8 persons – Standard roundtrip rate for cove to cove adventure)


Where to spend your night?

Laki beach 

– Php 300 Overnyt Stay
– Bring your own tent.
– Bring your own food. You can cook here as well
– Trees to hang your hammocks
– Few cottages available (tables)
– Fresh water is also available for washing up but not for drinking
– No electricity

You can also stay at Talain Cove and Hawla Beach.

Things to do in Mariveles Five Fingers.

  1. Island Hopping. As the name implied there are five coves that you can explore namely Talaga Beach, Apatot Cove, Pulong Kawayan Cove, Tinanlakan Cove, and Nagbintana Arch.
  2. Snorkling.Enjoy the beauty of underwater creatures and sceneries in Apatot Cove.
  3. Cliff Diving.You can choose from 10 ft, 15 ft or as high as 40 ft high at Tinanlakan Cliff.
  4. Rock climbing.There are also nice rock formations that you can explore.


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