Velvet Ganache, Creator of the Best Tasting Cakes in Pampanga, To Introduce Set Meals Soon!

Creating beautiful pastries is a form of art. If you have the skills, you can really make a good living out of it. In my case, I love eating sweets, cakes, breads, chocolates, fruits and other desserts but I don’t have the baking skills.

If you are like me who easily falls in love with beautiful and great tasting cakes but can’t bake and just want to have a taste of some of the best tasting breads in Pampanga, I recommend that you try Velvet Ganache.

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Located in SM Telabastagan, Pampanga, Velvet Ganache is a French inspired patisserie and boulangerie owned and managed by the known Chef Vince Garcia. Velvet Ganache not only serves baked goods, pizza, pasta and coffee. They are also to introduce set meals which can be enjoyed by groups.

Below are few of the foods included in their set meals.

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