12th Day of Christmas: Up for a Delicious Japanese Food-Adventure from Gunma Food and Taiyaki?

The passion for Japanese food has become more evident now that restaurants are spending generations to create their own special dish. You can see that Japanese cuisine by no means will never bore you. The Japanese truly knows how to tingle your taste buds differently in different seasons.

If you are around Apalit area, in Colgante to be specific, there is a small restaurant inside of Danga, where you can enjoy Japanese foods without the need to travel all the way to Japan.

Gunma Food and Taiyaki is a Japanese restaurant that also caters to Pinoy customers. While most of their menu are Japanese food, they also serve Pinoy food perfect for those who are looking to try both Pinoy and Japanese dishes. They also serve snacks, milk tea, shakes and drinks.

Among my favorite are Churros con Chocolate, Chicharap and Double Dutch shake.

Gunma Food and Taiyaki is open from Monday to Saturday, 8AM to 7PM. With their prices starting at P25, it is one of the best places to bring your family to on Christmas day when you’re working on a budget.


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