The Boracay Island Experience

Along with good old friends and former co-workers from ACTEC, I flew to experience this famed island known for its powdery white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters.

We flew by AirAsia, knowing this airline is one among those offering the cheapest flights not only going to Boracay but to the other islands in the country as well.

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Arrival at Kalibo Airport


First Stop – Lunch at Miggy’s Place, Kalibo 

We traveled from Manila at 11:15 and reached Kalibo after just an hour, so our arrival was just right for lunch. Miggy’s Place is a native-inspired restaurant offering variety of home-cooked meals. The place was spacious enough to store our luggage while waiting for a friend who got on a different flight from us. Service is fast and friendly. Try the inexpensive lomi, which at Php 180, serves four or five. As for me, I enjoyed their clubhouse with tacos and cheese. Good enough to make one person full.

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At Miggy’s Restaurant, Kalibo, Aklan while waiting for our order


Transfer from Kalibo to Boracay

After reaching Kalibo, we were transferred straight to our hotel by SouthWest Tours Boracay. Back and forth transfer did cost us P1,000 per person, straight from the airport to the hotel. That’s walk-in by the way, booking online would cost you P1,500 per person but using my contact, it cost us only P1,000 per person.  That’s quite good savings though.

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Southwest tour bus to take us to jetty port

The important thing about the transfer is that, it would take around 3 hours from Kalibo to the Boracay Island, so it would be a good idea to find a good and comfortable transfer service. This is why whenever I have clients going to Boracay, I always recommend SouthWest. They’re buses are spacious enough and immediately goes even without having their buses fully loaded.

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a SouthWest Tours boat transfer to Boracay

SouthWest boats are way and by-far better than those used by other transfer operators. Theirs are comparatively clean and comfortable as well.


Finally… Boracay!!! 

Boracay, Welcome to Boracay, Welcome Boracay

At last, I’m in the island


Our hotel accommodation – Villa Criselda 

Villa Criselda, now Facebook hotel is not one of those hotels you would fancy in the island as it is just a villa and plain ordinary. But what’s special about it are the following:

  • Close proximity to the beach – it is just one-minute walk from the beach itself.
  • Located just beside the marketplace – the cheapest foods are in the market place, few steps away from the villa.
  • Spacious rooms– rooms are spacious enough for the four of us, our beds were 2 double size beds just comfortable for 4 persons.
  • More than the basics – we got a refrigerator, a safe, a 21″ cable-television set, aircon room, water-heater, spacious bathroom,  not bad features for a budget hotel.
  • Free wi-fi – I guess that needs no more explanation, everyone would want a free wi-fi access from the hotel.
Villa Criselda, Boracay hotel, Budget hotel boracay, Villa criselda boracay,

Two double beds for the four of us


Food and Restos

Well, like I have mentioned, the cheapest foods in the island can be found in the marketplace. There, they offer wide variety of fresh sea foods. From the yummy-looking to the weird and scary-looking ones.  

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Lobsters just waiting to be cooked, marketplace area

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A stone-fish, would you dare eat it? :)

You will also find restaurants that accept cooking service. Buy from the marketplace the food that you want them to cook for you and they will do the cooking for a price, cooking charge is normally per kilo.

Victory Buffer Dinner

The finest and the costliest diners can be found near the beachfront, but this area is not limited to the costly ones. In fact, Station 2 translates into a myriad of affordable buffet feast. Victory Restaurant offers buffer dinner for only P380 per person. In this part of the island, you will rarely find such an offer. Most buffet dinners range from 500 and up per person.

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Buffet dinner at Victory Restaurant


Victory Hotel Boracay, Victory Hotel Buffet,

Buffet dinner ala Victory Restaurant

Victory Hotel Boracay, Victory Hotel Buffet,

Oh boooy,,, I loved it!


Victory Hotel Boracay, Victory Hotel Buffet,

Not your ordinary fried spring rolls


Victory Hotel Boracay, Victory Hotel Buffet, eat all you can boracay, buffet dinner boracay

Unlimited everything, yay!



Helmet Diving– we used NIS Reefwalker for this activity and included in the package is a CD containing your photos and videos while underwater, but my to our disappointment, the CD was blank. We only discovered it when we reached back home. I was contacting them for backup files but they don’t seem to be interested in my concern.

Read whole story here.

Snorkeling– we rented a boat to take us to the snorkeling site and it was a great experience. It was fun mingling with different species of fish. There were these relatives of Nemo, the clownfish and a lot more. Be careful not to get tempted touching the sea urchins as it will surely hurt.

Island Hopping- travel from one island to another, our guide took us to Puka beach to experience the clearest waters of Boracay, then to Tambisan beach for lunch, where everything was not cheap. A single coconut fruit would cost you P100, 4 pieces ordinary-sized tiger prawns cost around 900 and a portion of sliced lapu-lapu, P700, cooking fee is not included. So if you are on a tight budget, I suggest you not to have your lunch in here.

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Just warming up :)

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Picturesqes scenery on our way to Puka beach

Tambisan Beach, island hopping boracay, Boracay, Puka beach boracay, boracay islands, island hopping in boracay, island hopping tour boracay, island hopping package boracay,

Lunch at Tambisan Beach

Tambisan Beach, island hopping boracay, Boracay, Puka beach boracay, boracay islands, island hopping in boracay, island hopping tour boracay, island hopping package boracay,

at Puka Beach

This tour alone took us 5 hours to finish and I give it a thumbs up, good value for money!

Banana Boat– Enjoy an adrenalin rush on a banana boat ride. This thrill-a-second experience can be found at Bolabog beach where all the water sports activities can be found. This activity lasts 15 minutes only but every single minute is worth it. Be careful not to fall off your boat as the jetski pulls faster on your way back.

Banana Boat boracay, boracay, banana boat,


ATV/Buggy Ride– choose between an ATV or a Buggy, whichever you prefer. The rides are old and squeaky but what I like about this is that this package includes a visit to the highest peak in the island, Mount Luho – with 360 degree panoramic view of Boracay.

Here’s a video you won’t get bored watching:


Get Bargain on Tours

Attractions in Boracay normally range around P500 – 2500, depending on the activity. Banana boat costs P500 per person, same with snorkeling, island hopping costs P800 per person and same with helmet diving.

Fortunately, we managed to get all these activities in package for a very low price – P1,000 per person. I bet you won’t get this rate nowadays unless you find a local guide as good as ours. I can give you his contact number as I promised to give refer him to my guests visiting boracay. Just leave your contact info below in the comment section.

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