Naga City – “The Heart of Bicol”

Naga City, Naga, Naga Camsur, Camsur, Plaza Rizal, Plaza Rizal Naga, Naga Plaza, Plaza Rizal Bicol

The oldest plaza and monument in the city

Naga City is the Heart of Bicol for its geographical location near the center of the Bicol Peninsula, also known as “Maogmang Lugar” or the “Happy Place”.

Naga City is also known for Our Lady of Peñafrancia and it’s Peñafrancia Festival.


Naga City, Naga, Naga Camsur, Camsur, Plaza Rizal, Plaza Rizal Naga, Naga Plaza, Plaza Rizal Bicol, Naga Beach, Pasacao, Pasacao Beach, Pasacao Bicol, Pasacao Camsur, beach Bicol,

At Pebbles Beach, island hopping and swimming with relatives from Naga City


Nearby Attractions you can try:

Camarines Sur Wakeboard Complex (CWC) –  is a man-made watersports complex located in Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur. It is just few meters away from the airport. It has been one of the number one foreign destinations in the Philippines.

CWC is a unique watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating and waterskiing, giving you a taste of a ride of a lifetime, boasting hectares of natural and man made landscapes.


Mayon Volcano – renowned as the “Perfect Cone” because of its almost symmetric conical shape, the mountain was declared a national park and a protected landscape on July 20, 1938.

Mayon Volcano is located in Legaspi, Albay which is an hour drive away from Naga, 88 Kilometers to be more precise. Unfortunately, climbing Mayon is not permitted as of the moment due to the danger of eruption, as we all know, the volcano has been very active recently.


Penafrancia Festival – a fluvial procession at the end of the novena caps the feast. The image is carried in a pagoda, on its return journey to the basilica, where a mass is held. Along the route, people shout “Viva La Virgen!”

The image is surrounded by a battalion of exclusively male devotees, for Bicolano folk custom holds that no woman, Filipina or foreigner, may board the barge with the Virgin as this will surely spell disaster.


Caramoan Island – is a group of islands and islets scattered in the Pacific Ocean, endowed with nature’s beauty and preserved by its seclusion.

Global reality show franchise “Survivor” made it a must-try for nature lovers. Caramoan is blessed with numerous of islands with lagoons, fine white sands, rocks, rich marine life and limestone cliffs. Truly an unspoiled and unexploited paradise.


Other Natural Attractions:


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