Arranging your climb to Miyamit Falls

The three-hour hike to Miyamit falls is something every mountaineer would love to be doing, enjoying the falls is another great thing. But arranging permits, waiver and everything can be a pain-in-the-ass.

I had done my research about Miyamit falls well enough and knowing I needed to get the necessary permits, we went to the Mayor’s office at the date of our climb to secure waiver. Unfortunately, there was this SUV that fell down the cliff just two days prior to our climb. The SUV bypassed the Mayor’s office and even the office of the baranggay captain of baranggay Sapang Uwak, avoiding getting a local tour guide as well. To cut it short, we were not allowed to hike until the police is done with the necessary investigation. Poor climbers, opted to go home with all the disappointments they could get.

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A peek of the view going up

After two weeks, we heard about Miyamit Falls on business-as-usual. Overflowing with excitement, I called up our contact person in the Mayor’s office and true to the news, it was really a “green light” for us.

So off to Porac, we came again to secure the waivers and to our disappointment, there was something going on, an assembly apparently. Meaning, we won’t be entertained again this time, much to our distress.

But this happening did not stop us from our strong desires, we hired a tricycle (paying special rate to the driver) and off to the baranggay captain’s residence we came, discussed that there was this happening at the municipal hall, and presto… We were given permit to trek finally. Thanks to the baranggay captain and 2nd kagawad’s consideration.

See you Miyamit fall, finally!!!


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