5 Things To Do In Hong Kong With Kids

HK with kids

Sometimes the best thing to do when going to a foreign country is not to plan anything at all. Most of the cities around the world will always have family friendly things to do, whether it’s going to the park, zoo, museum or local shopping mall; there’s always something to do with the family. Focusing on Kowloon, Hong Kong, it’s without question there are a handful of things to do here too!  Depending on where you are, here are some great locations to check out with the kids!

Here’s an interesting place to start, the Goldfish Market. Yes, the name itself doesn’t sound too appealing but it’s worth checking out if you’re the type of person who likes to walk in a crowded market filled with pets for sale. Granted, the pet markets in Asia aren’t the same as they are in the West so set aside any perceptions of the typical ‘Asian pet market’. So, what’s to be expected in the Goldfish Market? Tons of goldfish in bags stuck to walls. Call it the ‘goldfish wall’ if you will. This is the place to go to get goldfish as goldfish are considered lucky in Hong Kong. Many people would opt to have goldfish in their house as well as a decorative tank with a touch of Feng Shui; placing the tank in the right place to increase the flow of positive energy.

Then, if the ‘mommies’ would like to get their hands on some serious shopping business, there’s always the famous Night Market on Temple Street. Most commonly famous for the Ladies’ Market, this is the market catering to the needs and wants of the ladies. From knockoff brand name bags, shoes, clothing—everything a woman wants is there at the market. Yes, don’t worry; there are things for the children as well. If you happen to come at night, Temple Street Night Market comes alive with mini shows done by local performers. Sometimes you’ll stumble across local bands or strangely, fortune tellers!

But sometimes, there needs to be some other form of excitement, isn’t there? Hop on a double decker bus on Hong Kong Island and travel around the city. It’s a great way to spot out hidden gems in the city such as: Temples, famous locations, shopping malls, local hotels on Nathan Road, and perhaps, eye-catching restaurants you’d love to return to! What are the other places that should interest the kids? Well, Avenue of Stars, of course. It’s like Hollywood’s walk of fame where you and your children can snap photos of Hong Kong’s greatest actors and actresses, past and present. To top it all off, don’t forget to watch the Symphony of Lights, a beautiful spectacle of lights and beams shot into the sky in an array of beautiful colors, shapes and complimented by music. It’s a wonderful arrangement for you and the kids to sit back relax and enjoy the splendor of Hong Kong.

And there you have it folks, 5 ideas to do in Hong Kong with your little ones bouncing around in excitement.

Cherry Chen is a student, voice actor and musician from Hong Kong who loves to travel and make new friends.

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